Mademoiselle Privé Bouton camée

Case material
Yellow gold
Bracelet strap
Tweed cuff and golden trim
Open like buttonhole
Bezel, case, dial
Number of carats
Dial finish
18K white gold and diamonds
Water resistance
30 m
ø 25 mm
20 mm
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
Mademoiselle Privé Bouton / 5-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
87'100 CHF

Mademoiselle Privé Bouton camée

The button is a singular item at CHANEL that originally appeared on the skirt suit, an icon among icons. The CHANEL button is considered an ornament with both form and function, elegantly enhancing the outline of jackets and cuffs while allowing them to be buttoned. Gabrielle Chanel would always say, “No buttons without buttonholes.” In that sense, it is not purely decorative, on the contrary! It's there because it has a use. Gabrielle Chanel's genius was that she elevated it to the level of jewelry.

This limited serie of 5 numbered pieces features a button in 18K yellow gold adorned with a cameo embodying the profile of Mademoiselle.

The cameo technique is a Métier d’Art used to bring out the beauty of a stone, nicolo agate on this watch, composed of several colored layers that are engraved in relief.

This design was first sculpted in a 7x scale version to refine the details and expressions before the sculpture was executed in the stone. The rarity of a high-quality nicolo agate depends on the necessary homogeneity of the colored layers, the clear demarcation between black and white, and the thickness of the layers that determine the depth of the design.

It is encircled by an 18K yellow gold cord set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 0.46 carat) which conceals an 18K white gold dial set with 142 brilliant-cut diamonds (~0.52 carat).

This button fastens a black and gold tweed cuff with a black calfskin lining highlighted with golden leather braid.