King Arthur

Case material
Pink gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Number of carats
Dial finish
Plate splint integration
Water resistance
50 m
ø 44 mm
10.5 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 42 h, 28800 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
King Sword
Price incl. VAT
88'200 CHF


One of the biggest challenges confronting MOONYANG designers for years is to break through the traditional ways of time presentation. With great efforts and dedication, MOONYANG created and presented wearers its unique design that the blade-like hour hand ejects instantaneously at each o’clock and all 11 hands retreat at the same time as time goes to one o’clock. To make this happen, we have created a highly sophisticated movement structure. The movement is an embodiment of profound cultural notions, and the minute hand that keeps going in cycles and the hour hand that ejects firmly perfectly symbolizes the journey of a man from hard work and preparation to glorious success. Sword is the theme of this series and always reminds people of heroes and their legends. The Sword in the Stone is a household story of King Arthur. The hands are made in the form of swords while the case design comes from the armors of ancient warriors. Despite the novel and creative time presentation and movement structure, the watch remains in a neo-classical style in general.

MOONYANG brand aims to create the classic of the future. All elements from the heroic theme, the symbolic movement with the profound life philosophy and the neo-classical overall style will demonstrate its strong vitality over time.


The watch has a unique and creative Jumping H Hands movement in place. The 12 sword-like hour hands are directly attached to the watch movement. Underneath each hand, there is a rail, along which the hands move precisely driven by a set of sophisticated mechanical structures. As each hour passes, the sword in the center turns a round and every time it arrives at the 12 o’clock position, one hour-hand ejects to the outer end of the rail, so as to indicate the time. When the time comes to 1 o’clock, all hands other than the hand at 1 position retreats to their normal positions at the inner end of the rail.


Jumping H Hands movement is the result of joint development by MOONYANG team and Eric Coudray, one of the greatest watchmaking masters in Switzerland. Huge energy is required to realize the instantaneous action of hands, especially at the moment when all 11 hands retreat at a same time at 1 o’clock position. This is a big challenge to the watch mechanism and the energy allocation. In order to make the best use of energy reserve and to minimize energy loss, the engineers took great efforts in refining and polishing each rail to the demanding Ra 0.1μm level. Besides, the distance and power for the eject action also need rather complicated and prolonged adjustments.

The Jumping H Hands movement with 40-hour power reserve is finally ready to unveil after a prolonged development and testing period of over 26,000 hours. The movement is able to realize three types of time indication: ejecting hands, vibration and audible prompts, giving the watch the unique novelty and dynamic beauty.


The 12 separate blade-like hour hands are set on the dial, pointing to 12 directions as time indication. The design creates scenes of King Arthur swinging his sword commanding his warriors in the battlefields. Visually, the 12 hands create a unique radiation pattern. Every time as a full o’clock finishes, an hour hand ejects out breaking the dial pattern and forming a new one. Therefore, the dial has a different appearance every hour, especially at the time of 1 o’clock as 11 hands retreat to their position, they create a strong visual impact. The dynamic aesthetics makes the watch unique and different from any other watches.


The pursue for finest details is seen at every single step and link of the King Arthur watch. Both the hour hands and the minute hand are handcrafted by the finest techniques. The dial is a 5-layer structure with markers inlaid. The 4 separate blocks inlaid at the lugs and the 12 nails inlaid on the watch frame also stand for the marvelous watch details. The strap is made from American alligator skin on both sides. The special buckle radian is worked out through repetitive tests and brings wearers with the best experience while maximizing the durability. The crown has a natural blue gem on it, promoting the touches and values of the watch. The back cover bears a vivid image of The Sword in the Stone and the famous saying of Thomas Malory, a famous English author, which reads “Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise King born of all England”, reviving the legendary romance of King Arthur.